Quotes We are so grateful for the 3 years our children have spent in the care of Beautiful Minds Montessori. A loving environment with small teacher to child ratios, our children have been encouraged to be independent and creative. They have learned literacy, numeracy and social skills through the use of beautifully made, hands-on classroom materials. The Montessori program is wonderful. The best experience we've had at this school is with the staff that care for our children. All of our children's teachers at Beautiful Minds have been consistent, firm and loving. A great start for any child. Quotes
Kim Stevenson
Happy kids, happy parents!

Quotes Since Zoe has started attending Beautiful Minds Montessori, both Matthew and I have noticed a positive change in her behaviour. Zoe has learned so much in such a short period of time. From things as simple as playing and sharing with other children and being more independent, to more complex things like how to keep our planet clean by not littering and not wasting power by turning of lights and running water when we aren't in the room. Zoe can now count to 12 and say her alphabet and days of the week. She knows many different songs, and she loves to sing them all day long! Zoe has always been a very smart girl and Beautiful Minds has helped prepare her for school and to continue her intellectual growth. Quotes
Marisa and Matthew
Parents of Zoe (Casa student)

Quotes We have loved Beautiful Minds from the first day my daughter started. She adores her teachers and is eager to go everyday. We are constantly hearing about the things she learns at school. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful option in Orangeville. Can't wait for our second daughter to be old enough to attend as well. We love Beautiful Minds!! Quotes
Mother of Claire (Casa student)

Quotes Rowan has come so far since starting at Beautiful Minds in September 2012. From his speech skills to colours, numbers and manners, he has come 100%. His teachers are so dedicated and passionate about the students they are second to none. Ms. Alicia and Ms. Tara have done wonders for my son, and taught me many things also! Thank you BMM. Quotes
Mother of Rowan (Casa program, 3 years old)

Quotes Beautiful Minds Montessori has been such a great opportunity for our son. We all love the staff and school and are grateful Xander attends such a comforting and nurturing environment each day. He has come such a long way! Thank you for what you all do! Quotes
Mother of Xander (Todder program, 3 years old)

Quotes Emmett absolutely loves it here! Since starting at Beautiful Minds, he has been happier, less stressed and has gained so many useful skills he uses all the time. I am so grateful for Beautiful Minds for the program here and how well he responds to everything and everyone. Thank you! Quotes
Mother of Emmett (Toddler program, 2 years old)

Quotes Choosing a school for your child is a big decision for any parent. We are all concerned for their safety, well-being, and wanting an environment that can foster their growth and potential. Choosing a school for a child with special needs amplifies these parental concerns. Thankfully sending our son to Beautiful Minds Montessori was the best decision and their wonderful program is a great fit for our son. As a parent, I can rest assured knowing he's safe, and seeing the smile on his face when it's pick-up time, tells me he's just as happy as I am. Quotes
Mother of Atlas (Casa program, 3 years old)