Admission Information

  1. Families requiring full-time care will take top priority
  2. Children entering the Casa program, should be toilet trained. 
  3. Siblings of children already enrolled are given priority consideration.
  4. Spaces are limited and fill quickly, so interested families are encouraged to join our waiting list and/or register early for next September!

Other Information

Parents are required to read and sign the Application and Financial Agreement Form once accepted into the program, in order for their child to attend Beautiful Minds Montessori

Parents are to submit 10 post-dated tuition cheques, dated for the first of each month, upon registration. Preauthorized payments may also be accepted for parents unable to provide cheques.

A security deposit is required during registration/re-registration of your child, and is applied towards your June tuition payment. The security deposit is due the date of registration, along with your registration forms. If you decide to remove your child from the program before the end of the academic year, then you forfeit your deposit. (All other post dated cheques would be returned). 
There is a one time (non-refundable) registration fee due upon enrollment.

Thirty days notice is required if you decide to remove your child from the program, during the regular academic year (Sept to June).

Please note that Monthly Tuition fees are pro-rated and based on a 40-week calendar year. Program follows the Dufferin Public School Board Calendar. This means your child will not be attending on Stat/Federal Holidays, and fees do not include School Holidays.

Closure Information

You do not have to pay for weeks that we are closed (excluding stat holidays, which will be charged). The closures are included in the monthly tuition rates (since there are actually 43.5 weeks per calendar year, between September and June). You will receive a calendar at the beginning of the year indicating days closed, and reminders throughout the year. If you need assistance with finding backup care during times of closure, we can try assist you in finding alternate, temporary care. It will be your choice to screen and interview your alternate/backup care provider!

Summer and/or March Break Camp Program is available for all families. Children between the ages of 18 months - 12 years are welcome to attend. We accept students on a per needs basis over the summer. Parents may sign-up (and pay for) the weeks they require. Temporary summer care is also available to students that do not currently attend Beautiful Minds Montessori.